Friday, February 15, 2013

JSON Editor v1.5 now available in App Store!

A new version of JSON Editor is available in App Store.  What's new in this version:

OAuth 2.0 Support
• OAuth 2.0 is now supported for the following providers: bitly, Facebook, Foursquare, GitHub, Google, Instagram
• You can setup new OAuth 2.0 authorizations from "HTTP Client" window, by selecting "+"->"New OAuth 2.0 Authorization", or from HTTP request's details by selecting "OAuth pull down"->"Add..."
• Once you have added and setup an OAuth 2.0 authorization you can attach it to a HTTP request from "OAuth" pull down control. Once this is done, JSON Editor will take care of refreshing and attaching access token to your request.

Other changes and improvements
• If the HTTP response doesn't contain a "Content-Type" HTTP header then the response will be treated as text.
• If the HTTP response has a "Content-Type" of "text/javascript" then the response will be treated as JSON, thus no warnings will be shown when you try to "Beautify" or "Open in New JSON Document"
• Fixed a crash which might occur when getting HTTP response from server.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

JSON Editor v1.4 now available in App Store!

A new version of JSON Editor is available in App Store.  What's new in this version:

HTTP Client
• HTTP Client allows you to quickly and easily perform HTTP requests.
• While its main purpose is to ease the fetch of JSON content from a server, it can be used to get or upload any content.
• To reveal the HTTP Client window you can choose "Window->HTTP Client" menu item or you can use "File->New HTTP Request" to start a new request.
• The following HTTP verbs are supported: GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, HEAD.
• You can select predefined HTTP header fields or values and you can edit them or add new ones.
• For POST and PUT verbs you can select different HTTP headers and also you can set the content, either text or binary.
• Text body, for POST and PUT verbs, supports the following encodings: UTF-8, ISO-8859-1 (Latin 1), ISO-8859-2 (Latin 2), Windows-1251 and Windows-1252
• For a HTTP response, the following information will be shown: response status, response headers and response body.
• HTTP Client automatically detects if response body is text or binary, and for binary responses it will show the preview of it, while allowing you save it to the desired directory.
• For response bodies which are text, you will have the option to beautify them as JSON and to open them in a new JSON Editor document.
• Both HTTP authentication (basic, digest) and Proxy authentication, with Keychain integration, are supported.
• It also includes support for the following: allow/disallow HTTP redirects, allow/disallow untrusted SSL certificates, configuration of timeout interval. All these are configurable from application's Preferences.
• Full screen support for HTTP Client's window is also included, too.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Feature requests

Hi JSON Editor users,

Are there any features you would like implemented in our next version of the app?

We are eager to hear your suggestions.

JSON Editor Team

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

JSON Editor v1.3 now available in App Store!

A new version of JSON Editor is available in App Store.  What's new in this version:

Copy JSON items as Objective-C objects
• This is available in JSON Tree mode, from "Edit->Copy as" menu, or from contextual menu when you right click a node.
• Conversion can be done both to "modern" and classic Objective-C syntax.
• All conversions generate both ARC and non-ARC compatible code.

Raw JSON Editor improvements
• Display of line numbers. There is also a setting in Preferences to show or hide them.
• Setting in Preferences to "Wrap lines to editor width".

• Service for "New JSON Document Containing Selection".
• Services for "Beautify JSON using JSON Editor" and "Compact JSON using JSON Editor". This is helpful, for example, if you have a selected text in TextEdit or Xcode, and you want to beautify or compact it right in the application, without moving the text in JSON Editor.
• If you don't want to have these services available you can disable them, same as any other Service, from "System Preferences->Keyboard->Keyboard Shortcuts->Services".

Other changes and improvements
• Numbers now preserve exactly the format you enter or how it is read from files.
• When importing .plist files which contain real numbers like "nan" (not-a-number), "+infinity" and "-infinity", these will be converted to Strings containing "nan", "+infinity" and "-infinity".
• Names for undo and redo actions.
• "Help" menu has some additional items: "Like JSON Editor on Facebook", "Rate JSON Editor on AppStore" and "Send Feedback".

Bug fixing
• Fixed an issues where "Editor->Validate", "Format->Readable JSON" and "Format->Compact JSON" are enabled even if you are in tree mode. Normally they should be enabled only if you edit the raw JSON.
• Fixed a crash when searching for certain words, while in tree mode.
• Fixed an issue where the row for an edited number was not properly refreshed if a partially correct number was added.
• Fixed an issue where the numbers starting with '+', added while in Tree Editor, change to '0'.

Friday, December 21, 2012

JSON Editor v1.2 now available in App Store!

As a very nice Christmas surprise, Apple approved the new version of JSON Editor. And it took only 5 days after being submitted! Version 1.2 comes with a lot of great features. Here they are:

Edit the Raw JSON Document
• Switch to raw JSON document using "View->Show Raw JSON" menu.
• Syntax coloring and auto-indentation
• Validate the document using "Editor->Validate" menu or "Validate" button.
• Validation errors are highlighted in the document and described at the bottom of the window
• Convert the raw document to "readable JSON" or "compact JSON" using "Format->Readable JSON" and "Format->Compact JSON" menus. These will work even if the JSON is not valid.
• Full support for search and replace while editing the raw JSON, too.
• "Preferences" now contains an option which allows the documents to always be opened in "Raw JSON" mode.
• Files which don't contain valid JSON will be opened in raw JSON mode, with the error being highlighted.

Improvements While Editing JSON tree
• We now detect if a document is readable or compact and we will preserve this format even if you edit in the tree mode.
• JSON Editor now keeps the formatting of the original document and applies changes only to the objects you edit.

Application's Help
• "Help->JSON Editor Help" now points to our YouTube channel where you can watch tutorial videos.
• "About" box was updated with helpful links if you want to reach us via different channels.

Other Improvements
• Support for "Full Screen"
• Open and save .txt files, in addition to already existing .json files.
• Menu shortcuts to change the value types
• Support to set the default font size in Preferences
• "Format->Default Font" menu item which sets the font for the current window to the one from Preferences
• Bug fixing

Thursday, December 20, 2012

#1 in "Top Paid Developer Tools" in the Romanian App Store

JSON Editor just reached first place in the "Top Paid Developer Tools" in the Romanian App Store! Thank you very much to everyone who downloaded the app.

PS: Version 1.2 was already submitted in the App Store and it has a bunch of cool new features, so stay tuned.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

JSON Editor v1.1 now available in App Store!

After waiting two very long weeks for Apple's approval, I'm finally proud to announce JSON Editor v1.1. What's new in this version:
  • Import property list (.plist) files.
  • Export as .plist files (via "File -> Export..." menu).
  • Support for pasting plist data, either from raw XML or from Xcode.
  • Copy JSON nodes as XML plist so you can paste them in Xcode or other text editor.
  • Full support for "Find & Replace".
  • "Add" and "Remove" buttons on the row which is selected or tracked by mouse.
  • Relaxed parsing conditions. Control characters from files or pasted strings will silently be ignored.
  • Cosmetic improvements.
  • Bug fixing.
If you have any feedback, feel free to use the comment stream to let me know about it.